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The Ultimate Tandem Experience
Founded by tandem enthusiasts in 1976, Santana has had the same focus, passion and ownership for over three decades. Recognized as the World’s #1 builder of high performance tandems, our machines allow cyclists to cover more ground with less effort. While anyone can boast better performance, a review of our website will allow you to appreciate Santana's enduring dedication to couples who desire the ultimate tandem experience.

Our Bikes
At Santana's California factory, we build a comprehensive range of tandems from superior alloys of steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon. All are guaranteed to be lighter, stiffer and more comfortable than offerings from other builders. Most models can be equipped with couplers for hassle-free flying. If your needs are specific, custom sizing, finish, or componentry is available.

Tandem Vacations
Ready to spread your horizons? Since 1986, Santana has showcased the tandeming lifestyle through the design of over 75 tours and rallies; all hosted by our company's founders. Santana's Tandem Vacations are available exclusively to couples or families who can share a tandem, all brands are welcome. Popular destinations include Hawaii, California, Washington's Puget Sound, Arizona, Colorado, Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay, Vermont, Tuscany, the Austrian Alps, Spain, France and New Zealand. We've even chartered entire cruise ships for unprecedented cycling vacations along the Rhine, Moselle, Mississippi, Danube and Saone-Rhone Rivers. Riding thousands of miles alongside hundreds of vacationing tandem teams each year is just one of the many ways Santana remains at the forefront of tandeming.

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